Sunday, October 04, 2015

Songs of Innocence by U2

I really like the idea of an album that is written to be performed acoustically. Though not exactly reflected in the album, it is interesting to imagine acoustic renditions of the songs performed in, as Bono envisions it, intimate pub-ish settings. I just wish that it would be included in the album. Okay fine, some songs are in variations of the albums. But still. Maybe a stripped down version of the album then. Something.

I see U2 return to its honest roots in this album. I have nothing against its more enraged albums, but as one of those who would browse the world wide web for chords to strum to songs in my living room, I connect a lot with this album. I can filter out the distortions and come to the soul of the song: its lyrics.

My favourite songs in this album are: Every Breaking Wave (Track 2), Song for Someone (Track 3) and Sleep Like A Baby Tonight (Track 9). I think the tribute to Joey Ramone is a beautiful touch (Track 1).

Of course, the simple style does not divorce U2 from reflecting their social concerns in their songs.

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