Sunday, November 22, 2015

Visiting 1AES 2015

You know how sometimes when you set out to achieve something, the universe "conspires to make things happen" so that everything falls into place? I really thing this is happening for me. It is a sign, at least, that I am on the right track. The "universe" wants this to happen.

So it is exciting that 1AES comes around just when I set out to open my own company. And I met so many familiar faces there, which is such a welcome discovery for me, especially some people that I have not met in so many years! It was like a little reunion of sorts for me.

I did learn quite a bit from the event. This event has opened my eyes to many aspects of entrepreneurship that I know will be useful in setting up my startup. I did not attend all the sessions and I strongly believe that the organisation of the event and its sub events can be immensely improved. But on the positive side, the next AES can only get better :)

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