Saturday, March 05, 2016

South Indian Thali in Chennai

After slams me with its presence, I am whisk away to my very first South Indian Thali in the very heart of Chennai. Completely vegetarian and completely delicious, this is what any Malaysian could call the perfect welcome to, well, just about anything. With food. I really cannot remember what are the different elements in the little containers, but each of them have a distinct texture and flavour, and as my host guided, are eaten with different things. You'd notice two pieces of puri on the tray. When these disappeared, they were replaced with rice. There was also ice cream. And a sweet dessert.

After the late lunch, I was properly oriented to Chennai and India by a trip to Marina Beach. This beach is huge. We took a good 10 minutes to walk from the road, across the sand to the water. Along the way, there were people picnicking, playing cricket and playing other games. Beach games, you know what I mean.

This Is Acting by Sia

Sia's new album is the kind that needs to grow on you. It is not the kind that hits you immediately. Well, some songs do, but as an album, it requires a little bit of time to appreciate. The album is as mixed as it makes me feel. On one had, there are songs like Bird Set Free (Track 1) and Alive (Track 2) that have a deeply personal feel to a person like me. They are the kind of songs that can potentially be a go-to song at certain states of mind. But some songs, let's not mention it here, that are, well, easily skip-able. Some songs are, well, overplaying the deadpan vocals to some extend.

My favourite songs in this album are Bird Set Free (Track 1), Alive (Track 2), Unstoppable (Track 4), Footprints (Track 9), and Broken Glass (Track 11). Special mention to Alive (Track 2) for this incredibly simple but powerful video. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Update: Another performance of Alive (Track 2) which I find so incredible at The Ellen Show. The artistry is really powerful.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Death of a Bachelor by Panic! at the Disco

This is such an interesting album! Honestly, this album has such a strong personality presence and confidence. The album reflects what feels like what must have been an amazing creative process. There are a number of delightfully surprises in the album itself, which I think only makes the mix of songs very exciting. At the center of it all, there is passion and real talent in this album.

My favourite tracks are Victorious (Track 1 - what an awesome start of the album!), Don't threaten me with a good time (Track 2), Crazy=Genius (Track 6 - Oh my God, a big band number!), LA Devotee (Track 7), The good, the bad and the dirty (Track 9) and House of memories (Track 10). Very special shout out goes to that amazing ballad Impossible year (Track 11). That voice when that song came out blew me away! You would expect that an alternative pop singer would have just that range of voice, right? But here comes vocal range like no other that completely shows off the power of this band. Whoa!

Despite the turmoil that this band is rumoured to be going through, I really like how this album has come out. I really hope that the band sorts itself out, because like I have mentioned, there is real talent here (this album shows it!) and I really look forward to what else they have to share with the music world.

Enjoy Victorious, the first track off this album and tell me if this is a celebration or not!

Blue Wonderful by Elton John

I absolutely adore this new single from Sir Elton John. It is light, bright and absolutely radiating with hope. And maybe it is just the frame of mind that I find myself in lately, but I am partial towards these kind of dreamy numbers these days. This song resonates with me so well, that I am constantly humming this tune.

If this is just a taste to come for Elton's upcoming Wonderful Crazy Night album, I'd say that this legend still has it, and I am full of anticipation of this fabulous work!

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Baby sawi emerging from kitchen cutting

I hope you believe me when I tell you that this really is as brainlessly easy as it looks. Just put the stump in a shallow dish of water and walk away.

Now imagine if you did this everything you cut sawi. Or cabbage. Or chinese cabbage. Or celery. Or honestly, any kind of vegetable with this kind of bottom. Now imagine if everyone did this.

That is exactly the kind of world that I want to create and live in.

It is almost about time to stick this into the ground and let it grow into an adult sawi. If nothing else appeals to you about this kitchen waste-eliminating move, then think about harvesting your own sawi. Free sawi, yo! And now stick that free sawi in a dish of water. Voila! Another free sawi! This goes on for like evah.