Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Death of a Bachelor by Panic! at the Disco

This is such an interesting album! Honestly, this album has such a strong personality presence and confidence. The album reflects what feels like what must have been an amazing creative process. There are a number of delightfully surprises in the album itself, which I think only makes the mix of songs very exciting. At the center of it all, there is passion and real talent in this album.

My favourite tracks are Victorious (Track 1 - what an awesome start of the album!), Don't threaten me with a good time (Track 2), Crazy=Genius (Track 6 - Oh my God, a big band number!), LA Devotee (Track 7), The good, the bad and the dirty (Track 9) and House of memories (Track 10). Very special shout out goes to that amazing ballad Impossible year (Track 11). That voice when that song came out blew me away! You would expect that an alternative pop singer would have just that range of voice, right? But here comes vocal range like no other that completely shows off the power of this band. Whoa!

Despite the turmoil that this band is rumoured to be going through, I really like how this album has come out. I really hope that the band sorts itself out, because like I have mentioned, there is real talent here (this album shows it!) and I really look forward to what else they have to share with the music world.

Enjoy Victorious, the first track off this album and tell me if this is a celebration or not!

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