Monday, December 14, 2015

Up-cycling paper cups because I have finally run out of pots for all my plants

And I don't know if this is a bad thing or bad thing. One thing for sure, farming is proving incredibly healing and therapeutic to me. In cultivating all my little seedlings and plant-lings (that's what I am calling all my baby plants grown from cuttings), I have found patience, self-reflection, clarity and prayer. Every one of my little seedlings and plant-lings are a prayer.

Only thing is that I am running out of pots. I have about thirty pots filled now and I think I really cannot go on buying pots. I have built one raised bed and I am contemplating building more. I just need to salvage material for them. Which gets my creative juices going, actually. Oh the possibilities that arise from constraints! I love it. I love the idea of being presented with all the available materials and all its limitations, and being asked to innovate. Especially up-cycling. Oh yes. Just watch. Just watch what happens next.

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