Thursday, November 05, 2015

Yummy seafood curry noodles at Yu Ai Seafood Noodles

Expensive. But for that once-in-awhile sinful splurge, worth every single penny. The curry is rich and spicy. The seafood is fresh and generous. One tip, don't sit inside the shop because it is hot and stuffy. Opt to sit outside, Malaysian al fresco style. We also tried the fried fish noodle soup which came swimming in sourish white soup. This was just okay, I thought, because I am not much for sour soup.

Another tip, go early. The place gets super crowded really quickly. But it is the kind of scene that really embodies the best of Malaysian eating. No dress code, just come in whatever you walked out of the house with. No fancy dining, just a simple coffeeshop. Plastic tables under huge trees. Rubber slippers swinging happily under tables. Growing piles of clam shells, prawn shell and fish bones on the table as people work their way through bowls of seafood noodles. No constrained, oppressed eating. Lots of slurping and loud chatter.

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