Saturday, March 05, 2016

South Indian Thali in Chennai

After slams me with its presence, I am whisk away to my very first South Indian Thali in the very heart of Chennai. Completely vegetarian and completely delicious, this is what any Malaysian could call the perfect welcome to, well, just about anything. With food. I really cannot remember what are the different elements in the little containers, but each of them have a distinct texture and flavour, and as my host guided, are eaten with different things. You'd notice two pieces of puri on the tray. When these disappeared, they were replaced with rice. There was also ice cream. And a sweet dessert.

After the late lunch, I was properly oriented to Chennai and India by a trip to Marina Beach. This beach is huge. We took a good 10 minutes to walk from the road, across the sand to the water. Along the way, there were people picnicking, playing cricket and playing other games. Beach games, you know what I mean.

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