Saturday, March 05, 2016

This Is Acting by Sia

Sia's new album is the kind that needs to grow on you. It is not the kind that hits you immediately. Well, some songs do, but as an album, it requires a little bit of time to appreciate. The album is as mixed as it makes me feel. On one had, there are songs like Bird Set Free (Track 1) and Alive (Track 2) that have a deeply personal feel to a person like me. They are the kind of songs that can potentially be a go-to song at certain states of mind. But some songs, let's not mention it here, that are, well, easily skip-able. Some songs are, well, overplaying the deadpan vocals to some extend.

My favourite songs in this album are Bird Set Free (Track 1), Alive (Track 2), Unstoppable (Track 4), Footprints (Track 9), and Broken Glass (Track 11). Special mention to Alive (Track 2) for this incredibly simple but powerful video. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Update: Another performance of Alive (Track 2) which I find so incredible at The Ellen Show. The artistry is really powerful.

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