Monday, December 14, 2015

A Head Full Of Dreams by Coldplay

This album screams joy. The blissful kind of joy. The kind of blissful joy that tells the world that the band is determined to have fun regardless of what anyone thinks. Actually, to hell with what anyone thinks, they are going to have fun and they ARE having fun. So much with trying to please anyone. So much for trying to appeal to the kind of music that someone else would like. They are going to have fun and play their shit whether you like it or not. And they are going to rub the fun that they have with it in everyone's faces.

This is the impression that I get from the album. My reaction. Well, hell yeah. You go, man! Because the happiness that the band exudes is actually really contagious. I have to admit that I don't really listen to engineered music much, if any at all. But here is Coldplay rubbing all the fun and celebration that they have from this kind of music into me and I feel... I feel... I can't help it. I want to join in! Yes, there are those one or two more low key songs, but even those are sung in a celebratory mode. I kid you not, the moment that first track comes on, there is even a distinct Madonna Hung Up-ish vibe to the beginning of that song. I wonder if anyone else feels this way about this song.

My favourite songs from this album are the title track, Head Full Of Dreams (Track 1), Birds (Track 2), Everglow (Track 4), Fun (Featuring Tove Lo) (Track 6), Amazing Day (Track 9) and Up&Up (Track 11). Up&Up is also my special mention for this album. Though the beat of the song is just all too familiar and clearly cliche, Up&Up is particularly energizing.

I leave you with Everglow (Track 4) from their album. This is one of their more ballad-y songs from this album, but there is a clear charge in the portrayal of the song. They take it and they own it.

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