Monday, October 05, 2015

Smoke + Mirrors by Imagine Dragons

I have a confession. I have never been a fan of any of ID’s albums before. Maybe random songs here and there. But their previous albums have not really been something I’d even invest the time to post and write about.

Shots, however, feels like they have taken the learnings of their previous albums and given us a report card of it. And not a bad one either. Shots feels like ID has finally found an identity that they are comfortable with and it suits them very well. A bit rough around the edges, but it is the kind that gives them a little character in reminding us where they came from. Some songs are still a bit too self-indulging, though. But a lot of the songs in this album clearly shows that they are capable of honesty. I’d take this album as ID’s step in the right direction, but hey, life’s a journey like that.

I found that most of the songs in this album written with much more care and respect. And I appreciate that. More thought has gone into the lyrics and how the music carries this. And the harmonies.

Personal favourite songs on this album: Shots (Track 1), Smoke and Mirrors (Track 3), I Bet My Life (Track 5), and Dream (Track 9). Special mention to Polaroid (Track 6). There is just something pretty smart about this song.

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