Thursday, August 27, 2015

What About Now by Bon Jovi

Yes, Jon, now this one is much more your style than your past, like, two albums. At least. I’m sorry, but Lost Highway (2008) just whooshed right pass me. The Circle (2009) had one or two strong songs in it, but the rest were just so trying. So trying to fit in into this generation. Trying to hard. But why are you trying to fit in when you were such a magnificent trailblazer to begin with?

And that is why How About Now is refreshing. Not prefect. Not quite living up the glory days of Crossroads (1994) or These Days (1995). But oh, such a nice, nice effort. It is absolutely delicious to hear all those guitar solos back. And more soulful lyrics. The deeper kind. The kind that, well, you’ve gotta be a tad weathered to be able to understand and appreciate. The metaphoric kind. Weaved between rock and roll.

Favourite songs on this album: Because we can (Track 1), What about now (Track 3), Pictures of you (Track 4), Amen (Track 5), What’s left of me (Track 7), Thick as thieves (Track 9), beautiful world (Track 10) and Every road leads home to you (Track 16). As you can see, I found this album very listenable overall. But oh, I practically broke my repeat buttons on Pictures of you (Track 4). Love it.

If this is an upward slope Bon Jovi is taking, I say keep it up!

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