Wednesday, September 02, 2015

My chili plant is flowering!

This chilli plant was also a gift from SS and came to me as a wee little thing in a tiny polybag. For lack of pots, I transferred her into a small pot when I got home, only to realise that this girl is going to out grow her pot in no time!

That was how I learnt the hard way how sensitive and tempremental a chilli plant gets when she gets repotted too many times. I thought she would be happy in a nice big pot now but noooo... she has decided to sulk on me. What did she do? She refused to grow. Don't get me wrong. She did not wither or die or anything like that. She just did not grow. She stopped growing. She neither got bigger or smaller.

And she stayed that way for a long, long time. Weeks and weeks. I gave her compost and fertilizer but she just refuses to grow. I moved her pit around to different spots in the garden but nothing. So what did I do to a child throwing a tantrum? Mama leaves you in the corner. You can come out when you have calmed down.

And then one day, she did. A few extra leaves decided not to sulk anymore and popped out. I moved her around and I guess she found a spot she liked and got taller. And then, what is this? Flowers! Little yellow flowers smiling back at me!

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