Thursday, August 27, 2015

Moon Landing by James Blunt

To me, is is so awesome to find that JB has found a balance between his deliciously depressing songs and more hopeful and uplifting tones. It is my opinion that he has found a good balance of both worlds in this album.

Favourite songs: When I find love again (Track 2), Face the sun (Track 3), Bonfire heart (Track 5), Heart to heart (Track 6), Miss America (Track 7), Sun on Sunday (Track 9). See? Mix of his signature sad songs and happy stuff. I highly recommend looking up JB’s piano versions of Face the sun, Miss America and Sun on Sunday. As for the other songs, I enjoyed the track versions and acoustic renditions equally.

Well okay, there is actually something that bugs me. That CD cover. Creepy. A floating head by any other name is still a floating head.

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