Friday, August 14, 2015

The hundred year old many who climbed out the window and disappeared - A novel by Jonas Jonasson

I absolutely love love love this book! I laughed with every turn of the page and read and re-read so many parts over and over again because the writing is simply genius. And this is completely unexpected because I picked up this book by sheer randomness at the bookstore.

The story is just about that very title. A hundred year old man climbed out the window. And he has disappeared. Clearly, the story is about where he went and all the people who went looking for him. It is hilarious. It is intelligent. And what fascinated me the most about this book is how it weaves so cleverly with true historic events and figures.

I love how the book is written so simply. The expressions are seeping with dry and dark humour, especially the re-characterisation of the historic figures. Oh, and the parts where he blows things up were described so colourfully! Alright, that is the only spoiler you get. Things get blown up in this book. It is pretty exciting.

Finding books like this one is a real joy. Incredibly writing. Amazing storyline. Definitely among the bests books I have ever read!