Monday, December 14, 2015

The day we got Uncle married

So the day finally came and as we shall see, was successfully seen through. The day our Uncle got married. After everything that he, and we had to go through, the deed is done. Of course, the details, you will need to find his blog and read it over there for yourself - if you can find his blog. And if he ever gets around to write about the experience, that is. Knowing Uncle, it will come. If not in writing then in a series of photos. The only issue is timing. Like all things Akurians, it is all about timing.

In a not-so-big-ish but intimate reception filled with family and friends, we celebrated the wedding of Uncle and his bride. Having been with him since the night before the wedding to early morning of the day itself up to the night, I saw his nerves creep up to him, reached its peak throughout the day and that speechless sigh of happiness that crowned the end of the ceremony. Our Uncle is happy and it is the kind of joy that is contagious!

To the blushing bride and groom, I wish you the happiest of unions to carry you through the most joyful moments for the rest of your lives. May this blessed union bring out the very best in the both of you, your loved ones and the people you care about ♥

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