Friday, October 16, 2015

Sting: How I started writing songs again

In starting to write songs again, I am so inspired by this Ted Talk by Sting. The idea that songs can carry such deeply rooted stories about feelings and observations so long ago. And in revealing that part of one's past, one's history - through new eyes. Eyes that are not necessarily wiser, but just a little bit more experienced. The effect is, in my opinion, a revelation even to the songwriter.

In my music, I have never ceased in learning and connecting, sometimes over and over again. And every time, like new.

And then there are those walls that one encounters. The kind that simply needs to be broken in order for the song to flow. Sometimes, that wall falls easily. Sometimes, it is harder to conquer. And sometimes, one just can't bear to bring oneself to lay even a scratch on the wall, that one journeys the long way around it. All the while, the song flows. For better or worse, the song flows.

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