Saturday, August 08, 2015

Growing Brazillian Spinach

This Brazillian Spinach is one of the earliest plants I started my backyard garden with. Of course back then, it was just a tiny little thing with eight leaves in a small polybag. The baby Brazillian Spinach was generously donated to me by SS, an inspiring urban farmer herself in our neighbourhood.

Less than two months later, I am reaping the harvest of this plant for personal consumption on a weekly basis! This plant is a good seven months now, and is super generous with its yield. 

What can I say, this is hands down, one of the easiest vegetable to grow. Just make sure to keep her watered and she will continue to thrive. 

Yes, she is quite the drinker. It was really dry about a month ago, and she can't go two days of no water before starting to wither. I pretty much panicked when I saw her and watered her immediately and you know what? It took her five minutes (tops) to bounce back into freshness!

Her biggest foe has been mealy bugs. My remedy is a home made formula of neem oil, washing detergent and water. Need to spray her pretty often tho. But this is because her leaves are close to the soil.

Brazillian Spinach is highly recommended for any beginner to urban farming. Easy to grow, lives in a pot and goes well in soups, noodles and stir fry. There is just so much joy to this plant!

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