Friday, November 06, 2015

Spectre 007 - Directed by Sam Mendes

Without giving away the plot, it is my personal opinion that the story moved a tad too slowly for me. Maybe because I was used to the quick pace of previous Bond films, that I walked into the cinema expecting something snappy and would keep me constantly on the edge of my seat. Instead, I was pushed through one abrupt sentimental scene after another. It is not bad. It was just too much drama.

Despite the slow motion storytelling, Daniel Craig reminds all of us why he is still the most perfect Bond ever. I wish there were more scenes of Q though, because his role in progressing the plot is actually more important than he gets screen time for. And M too. I'd have like to have seen more action by M.

CK, who is more familiar with the Bond history gave the film more credit, though. If you are that kind, and can connect all of Craig's Bond series together, then you would probably find Spectre more fascinating. However, if you are like me, and take this movie in its stand alone glory, you'd need to exhaust a few more synapse connections to put all the pieces together. It is not a bad thing. It just puts this movie a little on the heavy side as far as I am concerned.

So here's my tip to make the experience of watching Spectre more manageable: Go to the bathroom before you watch the movie. Get lots of snacks and chew through them slowly. You're gonna need the sugar and all your brain cells alert for this one.

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