Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Book Of Souls - By Iron Maiden

To those of you still shocked by the CD cover and immediately think that these guys are Satan-worshippers out to break the morals of our society - get over it. Heavy metal is not for everyone. But if you'd like to give it a chance, turn off the cover and listen to the music. Like all music, travel with the band into their songs and their lyrics. Journey with them to what inspires them, not just as a band, but as individuals.

That being said, there is an evident raw-ness to The Book of Souls. Each song is so emotionally charged, I almost feel like I was intruding into someone else's private space - that space where they bare their hearts and souls. I particularly enjoyed those long immersive solos in their music where words disappear and the rest of the story is told through the music. That is exactly how emotional the music is. There are stories behind the songs. And these stories are told by both the lyrics and the music.

Other songs I really enjoyed: If Eternity Should Fail (Track 1), The Book Of Souls (track 6), Tear Of A Clown (Track 9), and, The Man Of Sorrows (Track 10). And that epic Empire Of The Clouds (Track 11)! In those long spans of wordless music, I was literally standing in the tragic battlefield watching the masterpiece behold upon the whole wide world. It was amazing! That piano! I put on my headphones to this song and there is nothing else.

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