Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bulletproof Picasso by Train

I love how most songs in this album is written just simply, flowing so smoothly throughout the songs. Not as quirky as some of the band’s previous songs. Not really in the light of humour either. Then again, not quite as grown up either. This album, as a collection, feels to e in the flavour of a transition. Of growing up. Not quite there. But enjoying, and I really mean enjoying, every step of the way.

The songs are light-hearted, honest, sometimes insecure but finding that security, sometimes confused but finding that faith. With all the joys and tribulations of the inevitable journey towards maturity.

Personal favourite song in this album: Bulletproof Picasso (Track 2), Give It All (Track 4), Just A Memory (Track 7) and I Will Remember (Track 9). And you know what, if you’ve listened to Cadillac Cadillac (Track 1) often enough, it might actually rub off on you too.

On perhaps a related note, I have seen the official music videos for some of the songs and really wished I did not. I am sorry, but I had envisioned far more spectacular stories in just listening to the songs, only to be pretty disappointed by their official video portrayal.

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