About Me

TO those who recognised the name, the pictures, the stories scribbled on this website. To those who curiously clicked on this tab just because of itchy fingers. To my loyal khutalis and to the random kay poh chis.

Yes, it is me.

What is this blog about?
This blog is about the things that I love and enjoy. Clearly, I am not a party person. If you are into those things, there are already a number of excellent party blogs out there. I enjoy simpler and quieter things. Thus the orientation of this blog towards more personal pursuits.

So what do you mean by "serenity in the urban jungle"?
Me time, mostly. Those moments that you just want to be alone and catch up with yourself. I find a lot of peace in books, music and nature. Me time does not have to be long chunks of time. It's those headphone moments on the way to work. It's that need for momentary escapism on the train home at the end of the day. Maybe a few hours to yourself before the weekend parties begin. Then there are those times in between.

Are the photos on the blog posts all yours? Can I steal them?
All photos in the blog posts (except CD covers and movie posters) are mine, unless I cite otherwise. I have a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License for this site.

Do you do advertorials / events / product reviews / advertisements / all those commercial blogger stuff?
Like I mentioned, this is a blog about things that I enjoy. If you've got something you think I might like, let's talk.

Who are the Akurians?
They are dangerous. Don't mess with them.

So how can we get in touch?
I am tweet-able at @majidahhashim